Cork Tiles

Cork floors are exceptionally beautiful, naturally comfortable and remarkably warm. Duncan Floor Co. are the leaders in cork flooring in Auckland. Cork tiles are traditionally difficult to lay well, to create the overall smooth appearance of a single floor, takes tradespeople years to perfect, our craftsmen have been laying cork for over 30 years. We can also do repairs to existing cork tile floors.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a cost effective way to cover large or small areas. The key is preparation, vinyl shows lumps and bumps, so the surface has to be flat, smooth and prepared well, Duncan Floor Co. have specialist vinyl layers that know just what it takes to make an economic covering look premium.

Plastic Wood Flooring

Wood texture laminate flooring is not actually made out of plastic. Laminate flooring systems are vinyl, but are often called 'plastic' to reference that fact they are not real wood. But due to innovative manufacturing, laminate looks as if it is solid wood or stone, but is much more affordable.